• Technical and commercial representations in airports.
  • Welcome and assistance for individual or group passengers.
  • Edition and delivery of tickets, visas, vouchers, and last-minute travel documents.
  • Seating, registration, and issuance of boarding passes (according to companies’ procedures).
  • Welcoming travelers and accompanying them to check-in and then to the screening station.
  • Provision of counters and banks for conferences and seminars.
  • V.I.P service with reception on arrival at the airport and assistance in the various procedures, check-in, and tax-free service, up to the aircraft door (optional VIP lounge reservation and porter service).
  • Shuttle service (limousine, van, and coach) between Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly.
  • Arranging of transfers (limousine, van, and coach), reservations of hotels, restaurants, and plane tickets.
  • Commercial supervision from check-in to boarding (verification of check-in procedures, boarding and control of services on board).
  • Management of degraded situations (strikes, delays, overbooking, etc.). Direct link with the agency and the DMC at destination.

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